4 thoughts on “And since we’ve no place to go….

  1. Ivonne Klink

    Can’t wait for warmer days! Has Prejean’s name now 3D or is that another winery you own? Thanks for making the video and posting it on FB.

    1. zAdmin Post author

      Hi Ivonne, you are welcome and thank you! I do own Prejean Winery and Prejean Winery is still Prejean Winery. This is a side project, I started. I am trying to tell this story, the story of a winery in the Finger Lakes, with a different medium, 3D graphics. The only character I have so far is Prejean Winery and the Finger Lakes itself. I hope to have others. The technology is a little ahead of people’s computer’s I think, so I am showing videos as well. But with the right computer the scenes are more immersive and interactive.

      Prejean wines are available at boths sites, although I am working on the Prejean site, right now.


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