Navigating 3D Vineyards

     Webgl is a newer technology and it along with X3DOM are the backbone of this site.  To view and interact with the scenes you need a fairly modern browser.  Chrome on a pc seems to be the most consistent.  Newer android phones work very well as do many android tablets, including the Kindle HDX(with chrome or Firefox but the 7 inch HDX does work with the Silk browser).  Newer Mac computers require some tweaking but they work as well.  IOS systems do not work at all.

      Sometimes the future has to wait for the laggards who fail to recognize those who think different(ly). 

  If you are having trouble viewing the scenes this X3DOM site, can tell you about browsers.

    To learn how to navigate the scenes, this site  walks you through fairly well.  The most important navigation, I find, is typing the letter  ‘r’.  That brings you back to ‘home’.  Typing the letter  ‘e’  enables Examination mode which makes the scenes easier to control(until you get the hang of it).

    Drop me an email if you like and I will try to help.




Tom Prejean

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